ACT UNLOCK TOOL V4.5 FREE | Your Mobile Repair Solution

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ACT UNLOCK TOOL V4.5 FREE | Your Mobile Repair Solution

ACT Unlock Tool V4.5: Your Mobile Repair Solution

Unlocking the Power of Mobile Repair

ACT Unlock Tool V4.5: Universal Repair Software for MTK and Qualcomm Devices

Unlock, repair, and restore with ease using the ACT Unlock Tool V4.0. This powerful yet compact mobile repair software offers comprehensive support for a vast array of MTK and Qualcomm devices. With


With features like FRP lock removal, pattern password elimination, device formatting, factory resetting, Vivo demo mode erasure, bootloader unlocking, Mi lock removal, and SLA DAA lock bypass, it’s your all-in-one solution.

Seamlessly Connect and Repair with ACT Unlock Tool

To harness the potential of ACT Unlock Tool V4.0, connect your device to your PC in MTP/Flash/EDL USB mode. Then, choose your desired function. The software will effortlessly detect and unlock your device.


Features at Your Fingertips ACT Unlock Tool

ACT Unlock Tool V4.0 empowers you with a wide range of functionalities:

Driver For All In One : Here

Spd Driver : Here

Factory Reset

Restore your device to its factory settings.

Erase FRP (all MTK devices)

Effortlessly remove FRP locks on MTK devices.

Safe Format (PARA)

Safely format your device’s PARA partition.

Samsung FRP (all MTK devices)

Eliminate Samsung FRP on MTK devices.

Safe Format (Misc)

Perform safe formatting of miscellaneous data.

Xiaomi Account Erase

Erase Xiaomi accounts with ease.

Authentication Bypass

Bypass device authentication barriers.

Vivo Demo Remove

Say goodbye to Vivo demo mode.

Unlock Bootloader

Unlock your device’s bootloader securely.

Vivo V23e Demo Remove

Effortlessly remove the Vivo V23e demo.

Relock Bootloader

Securely relock the device’s bootloader.

MTK Client GUI Tool

Utilize the MTK Client GUI Tool for diverse functions.

MTK Universal: Auth Bypass

Bypass authentication for MTK devices.


Flash firmware or software updates with confidence.


Halt ongoing processes as needed.

Unlock Bootloader

Unlock your device’s bootloader securely.

Format Data

Format your data as required.

Backup NV

Safeguard your NV data with reliable backups.

Relock Bootloader

Revert your bootloader to a locked state.

Erase FRP

Remove FRP locks swiftly.

Erase NV

Efficiently erase NV data.

Reset MiCloud

Reset MiCloud settings for a fresh start.

Erase FRP (SAM)

Swiftly eliminate FRP locks for Samsung devices.

Restore NV

Restore your NV data when needed.

USBDK Driver X64 Bit

Ensure compatibility with the USBDK driver for 64-bit systems.

MTK QC Driver

Access essential MTK QC drivers seamlessly.

Your Mobile Repair Partner

ACT Unlock Tool V4.0 stands as a powerful and versatile mobile repair software, essential for any technician working with MTK and Qualcomm devices. Its user-friendly interface and extensive functions make it a go-to tool in the realm of mobile repair.

Unlocking the Future

How to Use ACT Unlock Tool Version 4.0

ACT Unlock Tool is your key to unlocking Android devices with MediaTek chipsets. Use it for removing FRP locks, demo modes, and other essential service functions. Here’s how:

Step 1: Device Check

  • Ensure your device features a MediaTek chipset and is compatible with ACT Unlock Tool Version 4.0.

Step 2: Auto Detection

  • Open ACT Unlock Tool Version 4.0 and click the “Auto” button to automatically detect your device.

Step 3: Manual Selection

  • If your device isn’t detected automatically, select it from the provided list.

Step 4: Operation

  • Click the “Unlock” or “Service” button to execute your desired operation.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the operation.

Removing Demo Mode with ACT Unlock Tool Version 4.0

Step 1: Connection

  • Connect your device to your computer.

Step 2: Tool Activation

  • Open ACT Unlock Tool Version 4.0.

Step 3: Unlocking

  • Click the “OPPO” button.
  • In the “Lock” section, choose “Remove Demo.”
  • Navigate to the “Service” section.
  • Select the “Remove Demo” option corresponding to your device variant (CPH or RMX).

Step 4: Completion

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the operation.

Remember these essential tips when using the ACT Unlock Tool:

  • Back up your data before using the tool.
  • Ensure your device is fully charged.
  • Do not disconnect your device during the operation.

If you encounter any issues, consult the ACT Unlock Tool documentation or contact the developer for support. Unlock and repair your mobile devices with confidence using the ACT Unlock Tool V4.5

Download Link: More

PassWord : 123123


Boot Key / Testpoint

Use This Key or Edl Point For Flashing Unlocking

Emmc/Ufs ISP Pinout

Use This Emmc/ UFS Health Repair, Flashing, Unlocking

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