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A105F DEAD PROBLEM | Samsung A105F/M/N/G Charging Problem & Dead Problem Solution | All Mobile Hardware Solution Is Hare. Here I show Some Simple Steps To Recover the Samsung A10 Dead Problem or Charging Issue. Assalamualaikum, My all GSM Fiends. Samsung A105F, Samsung A105G, Samsung A105M, and Samsung A105N Are the same Mother Board and Same ICs have on PCB. Now See Below Image for an Idea of How to Repair it.

How To Fix SAMSUNG A10 A105F Dead Problem

  1. Put into DPS( Diagonesitc Power Supply) on 4.2 With the help of any Boot Cable or Jumper Wire.
  2. Try for Switching Then You Can See on DPS Display for amp Load.
  3. See Bellow for Amp Chart
Amp(Load)ConditionSAMSUNG A10 A105F Dead Problem Dead Solution
00DeadCheck Both Power IC (S2MPU08A02-6031) with DC to DC(S2MU005X03-6030)
.10 to .60DeadCheck PMI IC with DC to DC
.70 to .90DeadCheck for Flashing(EMMC)
ChargingV.BAT ConditionSolution
Insert USB0.0 DCCheck Changing Pin/ OVP/ Charging IC(S2MU005X03-6030) / PM(S2MPU08A02-6031)
Insert USB3.3v to 4.5If Port Showing In Device Manager, Check for Flashing(EMMC)
Insert USB3.3v to 4.5Flashing is not Done Then Check for EMMC, If Emmc is OK Then Check the CPU
Insert USB3.3v to 4.5If Any Port Not Showing in Device Manager Change DC to DC(S2MU005X03-6030) / Power Ic / Check VPH Line Shorting
Insert USB3.3v to 4.5If Any Port Not Showing after that | Then check Other Power IC and Vreg – mipi | Check VPH Line Shorting

Download Dead & Charging Solution Image | Wait For Link

SAMSUNG A105F Charging IC No + Power : S2MU005X03-6030

SAMSUNG A105F Power Ic Number : S2MPU08A02-6031

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