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ASSALAMUALAIKUM, Hare I Upload Umt Pro Spd Tool Latest Version. Umt Pro/ Umt 2 User can Use Avenger Module from Umt Dongle. No Need Extra Charge, it’s free for UMT-2/UMT-PRO Users. The Avenger Module has many more Setups for MTK, SPD, Qualcomm, and more. You can Download Only Main Module, and from the main Module, you can Download All Setups one By one. Now Download Avenger Support Access for Umt-Pro/ Umt-2 User. Download Links are Given Bellow.

Support Function for Umt Pro SPD/ Avenger SPRD 2.0 :

  •  Nokia: read user code, Boot info, backup/restore nvram, write pac firmware, factory reset [Nokia 105 in diag mode]. Nokia 105 [TA-1174], Nokia 105 [TA-1203], Nokia 3310 [TA-1022], Nokia 3310 [TA-1006].
  • Tecno: remove frp, factory reset, Boot info, backup/restore nvram, firmware backup/restore, repair imei, write pac firmware. Pop 2x Air (RB6S), Pop 2x (RB7S), sim unlock, Pop 2x Plus (RB8S), Pop 2F (B1G), Pop 4 (BC2C’), Pop 5 (BD2′).
  • Realme: Realme RMX 3232 (C11 2021) – remove frp, Boot info, backup/restore nvram, factory reset, write pac firmware.
  • Lava Z41/Z53 – Boot info, backup/restore nvram, firmware backup/restore, remove frp, factory reset, sim unlock, repair imei, write pac firmware.
  • Itel, Micromax, BQ Mobile, Condor, Stylo, etc : remove frp, factory reset, Boot info, backup/restore nvram, sim unlock, repair imei, write pac firmware.

UMT PRO SPD TOOL LATEST VERSION : Avenger Support Access for Umt pro/ Umt-2 User : Click Here For SPRD Crack Tool

Avenger Module & SPRD Setup DownloadOther
Avenger Main Module (Support Access) for Umt Pro UserLinkFix
Avengers Box / UMTPro SPD v2.0 Update Released on [14/11/2021]Link1 | Link2Fix
Avengers Box / UMT Pro SPD v1.9 Update Released on [26/08/2021]OfficialExpire
Avengers Box / UMT Pro SPD v1.8 Update Released on [23/05/2021]OfficialExpire
Avengers Box SPRD /UMT Pro Module v1.7 Update Released on [30/04/2021]OfficialExpire
Umt Pro SPD tool Latest Version

Suppot Function for Avenger MTK for Umt Pro Users:

  • Added Unlock BOOTLOADER for MTK Helio cpu. Tested on MT6761, MT6763, MT6765, MT6768 cpu etc.
  • Added SAFE RESET FOR OPPO/ VIVO Phones in flash mode. Need to tick “bypass security” checkbox to use this feature.
  • NEW – Added support for UFS Filesystem, for supported phones. Now All Functions are supports, related to UFS EMMC phones. Read info, frp, Restore security, Backup security, write firmware, reset phone, meta mode functions.
  • Added Some functions for the following models:
  • Oukitel: Oukitel C5,Oukitel C9,Oukitel U22,Oukitel U7 Pro,Oukitel Y1000,Oukitel C10 Pro,Oukitel C11,Oukitel C11 Pro,Oukitel C12 Plus,Oukitel C12 Pro,Oukitel C13 Pro,Oukitel U19,Oukitel C15 Pro,Oukitel C16 Pro,Oukitel C22,Oukitel K15 Plus,Oukitel WP12,Oukitel WP5,Oukitel C21,Oukitel C23 Pro,Oukitel K13 Pro,Oukitel WP5 Pro,Oukitel WP8 Pro,Oukitel U23,Oukitel K10,Oukitel K6,Oukitel K7 Pro,Oukitel WP1,Oukitel K12, Oukitel K9, Oukitel WP9,Oukitel WP6,Oukitel WP7. Oukitel K10000,Oukitel K4000 Pro,Oukitel C19,Oukitel C5 Pro, Oukitel C8 4G,Oukitel K4000 Plus,Oukitel K5,Oukitel K7000,Oukitel U20 Plus,Oukitel U7 Plus, Oukitel K10000 Pro, Oukitel K3,Oukitel K3 Pro,Oukitel K5000,Oukitel K6000 Plus,Oukitel K7,Oukitel K7 Power,Oukitel K8, Oukitel K8000,Oukitel U11 Plus,Oukitel U15S,Oukitel U18,Oukitel U25 Pro,Oukitel U15 Pro,Oukitel U16 Max, Oukitel K10000 Max, Oukitel K6000 Pro,Oukitel C18 Pro,Oukitel Mix 2,Oukitel WP5000,Oukitel C8,Oukitel C10,Oukitel C12,Oukitel C16,
  • Supported cpu for this function: MT6572,MT658,MT6582, MT6595,MT6735,MT6737,MT6739,MT6753,MT6755, MT6757, MT6761,MT6763,MT6765 ,MT6768,MT6771,MT6779 ,MT6785, MT6795,MT6797,MT6885,MT8127, MT8163, MT8167,MT8173, MT8695,MT6873, MT6799,MT6833,MT6853, MT8590,
Avenger Module MTK Setup For Umt-Pro User Download Link
Avengers Module / UMT PRO MTK v0.7.9 Released on [18/10/2021]Link / Link2
Avengers Module / UMT Pro MTK v.0.7.8 Update Released on [10/07/2021]Link
Avengers Module / UMT PRO MTK v0.7.7 Update Released on [13/06/2021]Expaire
Umt Pro Spd, Mtk, Qualcom Latest Setup From Avenger (NCK)

UMT Pro Spd Tool Latest Version (Avenger/Nck) | Umt Pro Qualcomm (Avenger/Nck) | Umt Pro MTK tool (Avenger/NCK), All Setup Download from Google Drive Folder for all Latest Version

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