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Xiaomi Redmi K40 Gaming/POCO F3 GT TWRP ROM

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Xiaomi Redmi K40 Gaming/POCO F3 GT with the code is ares

Good new to all K40 Gaming/POCO F3 GT TWRP ROM is released.

First, need to know Which Particular model to perform TWRP ROM . follow how to know your product code and firmware version Please make sure the code is exact. You can check the model code using command “fastboot getvar product” in Fastboot mode.

Why Need Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) :

Diclamair (This data conllect from wikipedia)
Since February 2016 the first three digits of the version number specify the version, and the fourth digit, separated from the others by a dash, specifies an update for a specific device. This could be a performance improvement, hotfix, bugfix, or just simply an update for a device.

The main method of installing (“flashing”) this custom recovery on an Android device requires downloading a version made specifically for the device and then using a tool such as fast boot, Odin. Also, some custom ROMs come with TWRP as the default recovery image.

TWRP gives users the option to fully back up their device (including bootloader, system data, private applications, etc.) to revert to at any time, and a built-in file manager to delete files that may be causing problems on the device or add some to fix issues.

As of 2019, TWRP supported the installation of custom ROMs (i.e. custom operating systems such as LineageOS, or the latest Android release), kernels, add-ons (Google Apps, Magisk, themes, etc.), and other various mods.

Wiping, backing up, restoring, and mounting various device partitions, such as the system, boot, user data, cache, and internal storage partitions are also supported. TWRP also features file transfer via MTP, as well as a basic file manager, and a terminal emulator. It is fully themeable.

In January 2017, the TWRP team released an Android application[11] that allows flashing the recovery using root access. However, unlike the recovery, the app is not open source. This app is also shipped via the official TWRP images to rooted and non-rooted devices. It is installed in the system partition, making it a system-level app by default, thus making it not uninstallable from within Android without root access.[12] However, TWRP now provides the user the freedom of choice for having the app.

Model: Xiaomi Redmi K40 Gaming/POCO F3 GT with the code is ares
Model name: Redmi K40 Gaming/POCO F3 GT
Type: Beta
Author: pjgowtham
File Name:
File size 38.83 MB

Xiaomi Redmi K40 GamingPOCO F3 GT  TWRP ROM
Xiaomi Redmi K40 GamingPOCO F3 GT TWRP ROM

How to Unlock Bootloader?

After unlocking the bootloader of the device, your phone becomes more vulnerable and less secure to malware attacks, which may lead to the disclosure and loss of your private data. Some features which require a high-security level (ex: Find device, added-value services, etc.) may no longer be available. Phone data like photos, Contacts, SMS, or application data will be lost. Use at your own risk

  1. Login with Mi account on your Xiaomi phone. Go to Setting – Phone information – Tap 7 times to MIUI version. It will notice developer options enabled
  2. Go to Setting – Additional settings – Developer options – Mi Unlock status. Press Add account and wait to success notice. (This step require SIM card and mobile data enable)
  3. Download the Mi Unlock app to PC, and sign in with the Mi account which are loged in your Mi phone
  4. Shutdown your phone manually, then hold Power and Volume down button to enter Fastboot mode
  5. Connect your phone with the PC using USB cable and click Unlock

How to work?

  1. If Fastboot firmware. The ext. must be tgz. If not. Rename it from .gz to .tgz. Extract it by WinRAR
  2. For Fastboot firmware. Download XiaomiFlash lastest. Extract tool after downloaded
  3. Open XiaoMiFlash.exe. Install driver if tool required. Press select and select to firmware/ROM folder what includes flash_all.bat
  4. Make sure your phone are unlocked bootloader. Or you must bring your phone to EDL mode (9008) to flash
  5. Bring phone to Fastboot mode by hold Power and Volume down for 5-10s. Release button when It show Fastboot
  6. Connect Phone to Computer. Press Refresh to scan device. If a device showed is Ok
  7. Tick clean all (very important). If not, your phone will LOCKED BOOTLOADER after flash done
  8. Press Flash and wait util it show success or any error

Read IT First :
• Magisk won’t flash via recovery. This issue needs source fixing from either magisk dev or twrp devs. If you need magisk, use magisk app to patch twrp boot image manually
• Fastbootd doesn’t work for now
• Flashing TWRP images via recovery is still spotty. You’d have better luck with fast-boot on stock recovery

Whatsapp me for any help +917551082506 or Contact US

All Credits Goes to :
• @pjgowtham for development
• @myusernameiswhat for development
• @ZIDAN44 for bootcontrol hal, which will help upcoming mtk devices
• @karankalsi2003 @Nashle who tested most of the builds
• @SkySau @RajeshRajput @usernotfound_987 and a lot of others for testing builds