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Our Mission


  1. Collection of files: We note and recheck all Files & also help us all technicians, You can search it manually from a web browser but we give more effort for collecting of 100% tested files. You can check out all files from our site.
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  4. 100% Tested Flash File: (Xiaomi/ Oppo/ Vivo/ Realme/ Honor/ Nokia/ Samsung/ Itel/ Infinix/ Techno/ Micro-max/ Lava/ Asus, etc)
  5. Good Quality Unlock files: FRP Unlock File, DA, Combination, Custom Loader, Auto Patch, IMEI Files, MDM unlock, Modem File, Without Auth Files, etc.
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  7. Extra Files : Root, Twrp, Eng Rom, Custom Rom, China To Global File.
  8. Perfect  Hardware Tips: Borneo Tips, Full Diagnostic, Step by Step Fault Finding,


Our Mission
Our mission

 Course inSoftware Training: Mobile Software Basic Course with All File contact with us,


Basic Course for Mobile Software PART-1

  1. Windows Installation 7/8/10/11 (32/64bits)
  2. Hard disk or SSD Partition MBR/GTP
  3. Making Bootable Pen drive or Memory Card
  4. Modified Latest windows for Mobile Software Work
  5. Fix Windows Restart Problems
  6. Fix (Disable)  Windows Update
  7. Fix (Disable) Windows Antivirus or Defender Problems
  8. Activate Windows 7/8/10/11
  9. Microsoft Office Pack
  10. Windows Necessary Software Before Any Work
  11. Windows Own Driver (LAN/WAN, VGA/Graphics, Sound, Bluetooth etc.)
  12. All Phones Latest Driver Download And Install.
  13. Learn And Earn with YT/FB/INSTA/Website
  14. Some Tips for Solving of  PC Hardware Common Errors
  15. Create YouTube/Facebook/Website/Telegram/Intragram  With Live Stream

Basic to Advance for Mobile Software Part-2

  1. How to know any Mobile Cpu Type
  2. How to know any Mobile Correct Model
  3. Install and Use of SP Flash Tool With all Function
  4.  Install and Use of Auth Bypass Tool with Lib Driver
  5. Install and Use of SPRD Flash Tool with IMEI Function
  6. Install and Use of Qualcomm All Tool and IMEI Function
  7. MTK USB Port and Preloader Port
  8. Sprd Flashing Port and Diag Port
  9. QUALCOMM 9008 Port Qualcomm Diagnostic 9001 Port
  10. How to Make Safe Flashing without Any Error
  11. Tool dl Fail Fix
  12. RED/Orange Stage Fixing
  13. DM Verification Error Fixing
  14. Meta Function/diag/Diagnostic Port work
  15. MTK DA Finding
  16. UMT/CM2/Miracle Tool Download Installation and Guide all Function
  17. IMEI Related all Issue
  18. Demo/ KG Lock
  19. Windows .Net & Runtime Error Fixing/ Visual basic & Python  Files

Basic to Advance for Mobile Software Part-3

  1. UFI or Any Advance EMMC Box Full Details
  2. Emmc/Ufs Chip Identifying
  3. BGA  Identifying
  4. Read Write Any EMMC Dump File
  5. Ext_Csd / Boot1/ Boot 2/ User Data(Part)
  6. Read Write Full Dump
  7. Read & Write Security Partition
  8. Ffu Files
  9. Emmc Helth Repair
  10. Emmc Firmware Upgrade
  11. Emmc Partition
  12.  Repair  CID , Boot Size
  13. Fix GTP Table
  14. Rpmb Clean / Rpmb Need (Backup or Write)
  15. Read & Write ffu
  16. ISP All Methods
  17. Reapir Product Name Ex :0000
  18. Without Data Loss With ISP & Emmc Direct
  19. NBO/OFP File Unpack
  20. Direct Flashing With EMMC Box
  21. EMMC Change Method
  22. ENG Firmware


Basic Course for Mobile hardware PART-1

  1. Basic Electronics (Ac + DC).
  2. Digital Meter Measurement.
  3. DC Power Supply Value Measurement.
  4. Cahrging 6-Port Amp Value Measurement.
  5. Basic Knowledge on Soldering Iron & Hot Air Gun.
  6. All Components Identity (A . Capacitor, B. Diode, C. Resistor, D. Coil, E. Transistor).
  7. Work of Capacitor (Good & Bad). Type of Capacitor.
  8. Work of Resistor (Good & Bad).Type of
  9. Work of Diode (Good & Bad).Type of Diode
  10. Work of Coil (Good & Bad). Type of Coil.
  11. Work of Transistor (Good & Bad). Type of Transistor.
  12. Other IC and Components.
  13. What is CPU & Work?
  14. What is EMMC & Work?
  15. Dead Mobile Fault Finding.
  16. Cool Testing Hot Testing.
  17. Full Short Half Short.
  18. How to Work all Android OVP System.
  19. How to Work all Android Charging System.
  20. How to Work all Android Power System.
  21. How to Work all Android Display Graphics System.
  22. How to Work all Android Display Light System.
  23. How to Work all PDA System.
  24. How to Work all Android Sound/Camera/Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth System.
  25. How to Work all Android Network System.
  26. What is Different between Buck Coil and Boost Coil?
  27. What is Different between Normal Diode and Light Section Diode?
  28. How to Work LDO?
  29. How Work All Android Power Button Line .
  30. VPH Line,  VBat Line, VBus Line, Test Point, DM-DP Line, Mipi Voltage, V-Reg Voltages, Id Line, Bat Id, Bat Thermal.
  31. Damage Batary Rapairing Methods
  32. Short Killer Use
  33. Combo Separeting
  34. Micro Sldering
  35. All Jumpering Methosds
  36. And Much More………..

Mobile hardware PART-2 (Advance)

  1. Ball IC Remove  Process (Hit,Air,Paste)
  2. Ball Making with Universal Plate & OG Plate.
  3. Black Hard Pasted IC Remove Process.
  4. Black Glue Pasted IC Remove Process.
  5. White Glue Pasted IC Remove Process.
  6. Black Hard Paste Clean From IC & PCB.
  7. Black Glue Paste Clean From IC & PCB.
  8. White Glue Paste Clean From IC & PCB.
  9. Fault Finding With DC Power Supply.
  10. Fault Finding With Digital Meter.
  11. Fault Finding With Charging (AMP) Machine.
  12. Fault Finding With Broneo or Any Schematics Diagram Tool.
  13. Short Killing Process >> Voltage- 2vol. 4vol. 5vol.
  14. Short Killing From Primary or Secondary line.
  15. Any IC or Board Foil Line Making with Jimper Wire & UV Mask
  16. Input Out Put Voltages Knowledge.
  17. Diode Value of All PCB.
  18. CPU Voltage’s.
  19. Network Section Voltage’s.
  20. CPU EMMC Ball Making
  21. EMMC Types.
  22. EMMC / UFS Reprogram.
  23. UFI or Easy-J-tag Full.
  24. RPMB Clean Process.
  25. EMMC Health Repair Process.
  26. Dead Boot On any EMMC.
  27. ISP Method.
  28. CPU Drill Methods.
  29. EMMC ffu Upgrade Process.
  30. EMMC/ UFS Dump Making With Security.
  31. EMMC/ UFS Dump Write With Security.
  32. EMMC size Upgrade 16gb to 32gb/32to 64gb/ 64 to 128gb etc.
  33. EMMC Change Methods.
  34. ENG Firmware Method.
  35. EMMC & CPU Swap Method

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