All SPD FRP Unlock Tool Latest 2024 | Download Free

Description and How To

All SPD FRP Unlock Tool Latest 2024 | Download Free

How to Use UMT Unisoc Module : All SPD FRP Unlock Tool

Using the SPD FRP Unlock Tool/ UMT Unisoc Module is straightforward, but it requires a few essential steps to ensure a smooth operation:

  1. Download and Install UMT Unisoc Module Tool: Begin by downloading and installing the UMT Unisoc Module Tool on your computer. This is the control center for all the module’s functions.
  2. Install SPD/Unisoc USB Driver: It’s imperative to install the SPD/Unisoc USB Driver on your computer. Failing to do so may result in the module not recognizing your mobile device.
  3. Perform Desired Actions:
    • Flashing Stock ROM: Launch the tool, navigate to the PAC Flasher tab, select the appropriate stock ROM, and click “Flash.” Then, connect your device in flash mode.
    • Resetting FRP Lock: Access the Flash Mode tab, choose “FRP,” click “Execute,” and connect your device in flash mode.
    • Resetting Screen Locks: Head to the Flash Mode tab, select “Format FS,” click “Execute,” and connect your device in flash mode.
    • Privacy Lock Reset: Within the Flash Mode tab, choose “Privacy Reset,” click “Execute,” and connect your device in flash mode.

Introducing UMT SPD FRP Unlock Tool: A Comprehensive Solution for Unisoc SOC Devices With UMT SPD FRP Tool Crack 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile technology, SPD FRP Unlock Tool/ UMT (Ultimate Multi-Tool) stands out as a versatile and powerful solution for smartphone enthusiasts and technicians alike. Among the array of modules offered by UMT, the Unisoc Module is a remarkable tool that caters to a multitude of essential functions for users of SpreadTrum/Unisoc System-on-Chip (SOC) devices. With an emphasis on simplifying and enhancing the user experience, this module facilitates tasks such as flashing stock ROMs, removing FRP (Factory Reset Protection) locks, screen locks, privacy locks, and repairing invalid IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) issues.

The UMT Unisoc Module: Unleashing the Power of Unisoc SOC Devices

If you’re looking for a seamless way to flash stock ROMs or manage the security and performance aspects of your SpreadTrum/Unisoc SOC-powered smartphone, feature phone, or tablet, SPD FRP Unlock Tool/ UMT Unisoc Module is here to cater to your needs. This module is the answer to unlocking the full potential of your device.

Key Features of UMT Unisoc Module

  1. Flashing Stock ROMs: With this tool at your disposal, you can effortlessly flash PAC and XML flash file ROMs on your Unisoc SOC-powered device. This capability ensures that you can keep your device up to date with the latest software and enhancements.
  2. Usuing The SPD FRP Unlock Tool for FRP Lock Removal: UMT Unisoc Module enables you to remove the often bothersome Factory Reset Protection (FRP) locks, giving you the freedom to regain access to your device without any hassle.
  3. Screen Lock Removal: Bypassing screen locks has never been easier. Whether you’ve forgotten your PIN, password, or pattern, this module allows you to regain access to your device without compromising your data.
  4. Privacy Lock Reset: UMT Unisoc Module extends its functionality to privacy lock resets. If you’re locked out of your device due to privacy settings, this tool can help you regain control without the need for cumbersome factory resets.
  5. IMEI Repair: In the unfortunate event of an invalid or corrupted IMEI, this module can help you rectify the issue, ensuring that your device’s identity is restored to its original state.


  • Spreadtrum (SPRD)
    • Boot Info
    • Read Privacy code
    • Read Firmware/ Write Firmware
    • Backup / Restore NVRAM
    • Backup / Restore Security
    • Remove User Locks
    • Write Original Pac Firmware
    • FRP Remove
    • Factory Reset
    • Make Custom Loader – (Which Makes this tool Universal and Supports Mostly ALL Phones).

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Boot Key / Testpoint

Use This Key or Edl Point For Flashing Unlocking

Emmc/Ufs ISP Pinout

Use This Emmc/ UFS Health Repair, Flashing, Unlocking

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