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Redmi Note 5 Pro Eng Firmware Free Download | Whyred Eng Rom || EMMC Change File

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Hi, All my GSM Friends here I come to discuss Why need to Write Redmi Note 5 Pro Eng Firmware? So, the read the following answer, When you repair note 5 pro’s for any reason & EMMC repair without any backup or When you use erase command & fully format The chip, then the phone will show Unknown baseband, Because the phones Security data are erased for using this type of command, or you are trying to repair IMEI and also abnormally reset efs and modemst1, modemst2,fsg then the phone will show IMEI Null, Invalid IMEI, Unable to Get IMEI, and also showing the common Problem Unknown Baseband. So, the Most common Problem is 1). Unknown Baseband, 2). IMEI 0

How To Solve 1). Unknown Baseband Redmi Note 5 Pro Eng Firmware & EMMC Change File

Some Discussion you have to know Failure news (News Collec from Forums) :

  • RESTORE SUCCESS But when check Still Baseband Unknown Need Ur Help AND Support To solve My Problem LInk
  • bro im try umt qcfire 1st reset efs 2nd repair imxx umt method 1 3rd write qcn file qfil phone ok calling net also ok but again phone on off imxx baseband unknown already try same step 10 time how to solve need help. Link & Post no. 3.
  • Baseband ok but the IMEI problem Flashed with miui 10 and miui 9.6.4 with fast boot and recovery firmware but still the same. unable to unlock bootloader unable to enable diag mode But IMEI is showing when the phone is connected in mi assistant mode in mi flash tool pro Tried reset efs with umt but still same Need solution. Link & Post no 1.
  • Mi note 5 MEI7 Unable to get IMEI problem….Baseband unknown how to repair…plz help. Link & Post no 3,4

There Many More Developer says many more ways To solve the unknown baseband or IMEI 0 Problem. (Guide Data Collect From Forums)

  • First of all you must root this device because ##717717## won’t work on old and new security. After root, you can use the below commands via CMD to enable the DIAG port.
  • Code:
  • adb devices
  • adb shell
  • su
  • setprop sys.usb.config diag,adb
  • Try This Method Link For See Discussion Post no 10

1:- First flash this version whyred_global_images_V9.2.4.0.NEIMIEK_20180210.000 0.00_7.1_global_9de13715c9
2:- Enable Diag Mode by Fastboot Adb Using Code
2:- Read QCN by QC Fire UMT(You May Skip This Step)
4:- Reset EFS By QC Fire UMT(Note-Backup EFS for Own Safety)
5:- Write QCN by BST Tool
6:- When it’s Done do Factory Reset

There Showing many more harassing topics about repair & fixing all the above problems. SomeOne says Downgrade firmware, someone says reset efs/reset modest1/modest2& fsg file then wite modified qcn, Someone Provides esf file someone shares Firmware, Modem File Unknown Baseband file, and bla bla bla

After Applying All types of methods of Forum Posts But not happen anything, Hey Guy’s Let’s See How I Solve This Problem.

1pc Redmi Note 5 Pro Came with Unknown Baseband. Then I realized with all forums posts & files (ESF, QCN, Firmware, Modemst1, Modest2, Fsg File Using all Methods but all times fail to fix this problem.

  • Then I decided & Think Other, and Out of Forum Posts,
  • Then I download many Type Redmi Note 5 Pro Eng Firmware, then One Fiwmware Worked for me. Then the all problem has solved by using some Special trick.

1st, Open Umt Tool (You can use any tool) and connect the device on advance tab and erase only fsg, Modemst1, modest2 files

2nd, I Reset Efs from the “Read & tool” Tab Using Efs Function Sub-menu.

3rd, I flashed With Tested file For Redmi Note 5 Pro Eng Firmware (With untick Protect IMEI)

4th, Power on the phone and enable USB Debugging From the Developer menu

5th, I Download and install the Minimal ADB software

6th then open the minimal ADB and copy and paste some code for enabling DIAG Port code are given bellow

Method one

adb devices

adb shell

susetprop sys.usb.config diag,adb

7th, Then I Goto “Read & Tool Tab and click and choose Security Sub-menu “Restore Qcn” By Selecting Qualcomm Hs-Diagnostic Port.

8th, then I Type Mannualy Imei No

After That, I check after rebooting the device (Redmi Note 5 Pro) All Are ok

then I went for Flashing With Latest Firmware (Click on Protect IMEI)

After that, all problems are solved and the phone is alive with this working method and files.

New Methods

Steps | by all gsm file

  1. Flash With Eng Rom 1GB Zip,
  2. then Reset EFS,
  3. then Write IMEI,
  4. then Write ENG Qcn which must Edit with Your IMEI,
  5. then Write Modified Emmc Change File 2GB Zip.

Whyred Emmc Change firmware Download | Use Desktop Version To Download This File | 2GB File

Whyred Redmi Note 5 Pro Emmc Change + ENG Firmware + QCN + ESF + Guide txt + QCN EDIT Tool By All Gsm File | 1GB File



Click Here To Download The Full Dump File

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